Tuesday, September 7, 2010

why ?

why u still find me ?
u do not need me anymore ,
i hope u will go away ,
please ,
i hope u understand my dear ,
a friend of mine said that we are not meant to be together ,
i am not forcing u to come to my world before this ,
u did , right ?
yes , iloveyou before this ,
i did love you .
now ,
a friend came to me and ask me ,

1. why u had change after nasrul had left ?
2. are u having another person even u still have nasrul ?

u know why i don't call u or even texting u ?
u are always busy ,
i am changing myself ,
to be a best student ,
to continue my studies to be a successful doctor ,

lastly ,
i really want to make a move ,
and i hope u understand ,
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full of love ,
adawiyah zulkifli

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